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Steps to Help Convince Your Loved One Who Needs to Move

Here are five easy steps to help convince your loved one who needs to move:

1. Enlist the child, sibling, or friend who is closest to the senior to initiate the conversation. The senior needs to hear the message from the right person.

2. ​Plant the seeds in very short, non-threatening messages. For example, “Gee, I noticed that you are having a little trouble getting yourself dressed. Don’t you think you would benefit from a little help?” Change the message at the right moment at the next attempt. “I noticed you have been eating a lot of cold cereal instead of a meal. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone cook your meals for you?” Space out the messages and deliver them at the opportune times. It may take months for a senior to decide you are right.

3. ​When the senior asks about taking potential tours at senior living communities, have your research completed in advance and make the appointments to tour immediately.

4. ​The decision to move has to be the senior’s, not yours. Please be patient, the process may take months. Keep in mind that all of us tend to feel very connected to our home and present habits and surroundings. Change can be frightening at any time in life. Seniors can silent bear the additional fear that other people are “taking control.” Patience shows you are caring, not controlling.

5. ​If the senior is having trouble making the decision, have him or her speak with a resident of a desirable community who was in the same boat but is extremely happy that s/he made the decision to move.

​Does this sound too easy? It worked with my mother. Previously, she said she would only leave her condo kicking and screaming. Following these tips, things went more smoothly than anyone could have imagined.
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