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Urgent Senior Living Placements Can Be A Life Saver After The Holiday Season. Be Prepared For The Steps Involved With The Process.

Last week, I received a phone call from a prospective client who was in panic mode. The client’s parent, who has dementia, had moved in with him on a permanent basis. The parent had been spending several days a week with three adult children. A family disagreement, the details of which were not disclosed to me, had occurred. As a result, the senior was not allowed to return to the other two children’s homes. My client was now responsible for the parent’s care on a 7-days-a-week basis and was not able to cope with the situation. In addition, his spouse was having issues with her own health. I quickly went out to assess the senior’s physical and mental condition.

When I arrived, I found a very healthy 88 year old. The senior could not, however, tell me what day of the week it was, his date of birth, or who the President is, which are all typical questions that are asked on a mini-mental examination. The senior’s ambulation was very good. The senior was an excellent prospect for assisted living with memory care.

After I completed my assessment, which included analysis of the senior’s financial realities and the family’s location preferences, the client told me that he wanted my recommendations completed in 2 days. The next morning, I sent him spreadsheets that included information regarding three senior communities that fit his specifications, and I immediately set up appointments for tours. I advised my client to obtain the senior’s medical history and physical form from the senior’s physician. I also told him to collect the senior’s financial information.

My client liked the first community he toured so much that he immediately reserved the last available apartment in their memory care unit. The following day he returned with his spouse so she could approve the choice and turn in the financial application required by the community. On the second day, they brought the senior with them to be assessed by the community nurse, and produced the required history and physical from the senior’s primary care physician. The senior will move in right after the holidays.

Ladies and gentlemen, this process succeeded quickly because both ADSLA and my client did the necessary legwork in a rush. The bottom line is, yes, it can happen this quickly if you can obtain the paperwork and take rush tours. Many times, the biggest delay is obtaining the history and physical from the senior’s primary care physician. But, at Andrea Donovan Senior Living Advisors, we have the expertise to help you find the right community for your loved one even in urgent situations. We can assist you with the leg work and get a good placement done swiftly! We are here to help!

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