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Real Life Story – Finding Long Term Care that Offers the Medicaid Supportive Living Program

My client is 85 years old and a former resident at an independent living community that fits his very limited budget. He is ambulatory with a cane, but uses a scooter when he becomes tired. He takes medication for depression. He is fortunate to have a very devoted nephew, who religiously visits him several times a week and takes him fishing (weather permitting). This nephew noticed that his uncle’s physical appearance was deteriorating, and he wasn’t keeping himself or his apartment clean. His personality, which was normally pleasant and gracious, was becoming cantankerous.

One evening during a bingo game at the independent home, my client was involved in a disagreement with another resident. An argument developed, and they began to threaten each other with their canes. The police were called, and my client was issued a ticket for disorderly conduct. He was also given a letter of dismissal from the management.

His nephew didn’t know what to do. He and his wife both work and didn’t have the time to research and find an appropriate community. He informed me about his uncle’s declining physical appearance and the disorderly conduct incident. I told the nephew that it sounded like his uncle just needed some help with taking his medications, bathing, and dressing. I was able to find three supportive living communities within reasonable distance of the nephew’s home. I arranged for a determination of needs screening through the appropriate senior agency, which is a requirement for support through the Medicaid program. The family chose a home that was within five miles of the nephew’s home. When I checked back with the nephew to see how things were going, he told me, “He’s very happy, the care and staff at the home are great. Your services were worth every penny!”

See the requirements for the Medicaid Supportive Living Program or contact Andrea Donovan if you are interested in finding a facility that offers the Medicaid Supportive Living Program.

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