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Join Us For The Retire Wiser Summit

I have some exciting news, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you 🙂

I’ve been asked to speak at a unique and innovative event called Retire Wiser Chicago. This online summit begins just days from now, Sept 9th, 10th & 11th.

This educational event is hosted by two, very well-respected Chicagoland financial advisors who I know you’ll really appreciate. For many years, John Bever and Jim Uren, have been helping Chicagoland residents just like you make wise decisions as they prepare for and enter into their retirement years. What sets them apart from many other advisors I have met is their passion for financial education that is both well research and practical.

That passion for financial education has led them to bring together over 15 Chicagoland professionals who have been asked to provide you with helpful, actionable information so that you can be better informed as you work toward your desired retirement lifestyle.

What’s really unique about this summit is that it will consist of valuable video sessions with Chicagoland professionals from a variety of disciplines (including yours truly). Their fields include finance, healthcare, real estate, law, government benefits, cybersecurity and many more.

But what unites these various sessions is content tailored specifically for helping you get ready for a retirement lifestyle that best suits you.

Here are just some of the speakers that have been lined up for you:

• Jeff Lanza – A retired FBI Special Agent and cybersecurity consultant
• Dr. Bill Lloyd – A doctor and former host of his own show on CNN
• Daria Palermo – A Chicagoland property tax appeal attorney
• Tom Clark – A Medicare and Social Security consultant
• Dr. Lucie Bianchi – A Chicagoland Direct Primary Care Physician
• Ray Jackson – A Chicagoland private lending consultant
• Jerilyn Willin – A Chicagoland retirement coach
• Rodney & Ken Piercey – Local and nationally recognized estate planning attorneys
• Lori Rowe – Real estate professional named as one of the top 100 realtors in IL


As you might have noticed, these are all people who are teaching from experience… not from “theory”. So I am very excited to see all that is in store and the Retire Wiser Chicagoland virtual summit and I hope you’ll join me.

For more information or to register and see my session, you can check out the Retire Wiser Chicago virtual summit website here: Summit Registration Page