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Evaluating Nursing Home Quality

One of the facts that I always impress upon my prospective clients is that the aesthetics of a community do not necessarily reflect the quality of care that’s delivered by its staff. Recently, several of my clients indicated that they thought aesthetics and quality of care are directly related to one another. This correlation is not necessary true. Appearances can be deceiving, which is why I am privileged to serve families at their time of need.

Choosing an appropriate alternative living option for a senior loved one is a process that must be conducted with compassion and vigilance. At times, the decision must be made in a rush due to a life-changing illness or event with the senior. There is often guilt involved on the part of the relative or friend who has to make a placement decision. Of course, they will want the community to look attractive and inviting.

Because you are often in a rush when an elder crisis occurs, you need to carefully scrutinize costs and method of payment, quality of care, level of care, housekeeping, location, activity/ transportation schedules, and personal preferences like food and religious preference. This is a lot to analyze in a 30-45 minute tour. Do not let the smell of potpourri or the sight of pretty wallpaper distract you from making a rational decision. The ability of the community to meet your loved one’s medical demands, programming needs, and financial realities need to drive your decision. What you want for your loved one and what is available may also be two different stories. Please try not to judge the book by its cover.

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